August 1: El Taquero (Santa Ana)

In the heart of Santa Ana (often pronounced Santana), there is a series of taco trucks littered with locals on Tuesdays and weekend evenings. This week, I ventured to this honeycomb with my friend George, an expert autograph authenticator. No, really. He can gauge the legitimacy of your prized collectibles just by looking at them. […]

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July 18: La Carmencita

I was unable to find a tacompadre this week.  But really — in taco hunting — much like life, tacos are all you need. No shame in my game, I grabbed my sunglasses and ventured out to La Carmencita — a cool, Baja-style cafe in Hollywood. You can’t miss the place. It’s bold, inviting and well-positioned […]

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July 11: Loqui

I could open this entry with a half-dozen dad jokes about the name of Culver City’s newest taco haven.  But, I won’t. I’m here to talk about tacos, not try to land Netflix specials. Joining me this week was the delightful Malia Probst, who helps keep the engines running at VRScout — a thriving, media […]

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