September 12: Kayndaves (Culver City)

I’m admittedly unclear on how to spell the name of this week’s selection. Kay’n Dave’s? Kay n’ Dave’s? Kayndaves? I’ve seen it listed several ways. So mysterious! Still, despite a few asterisk and “sp.” laden texts, I was able to find this Culver City mainstay. Fellow sports PR whiz Seth B. — current communications compa […]

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August 29: Tacos Tu Madre (LARCHMONT)

Look. Nobody wants Pinches Tacos (chuckles). So, it’s no surprise that the Larchmont franchise didn’t survive. One of Los Angeles’ hidden gems, the quaint neighborhood offers residents, tourists and Issa Rae a healthy mix of designer boutiques, quality cafes and sweet treat storefronts. It’s also the current home of yours truly. In Pinches’ stead is […]

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