June 20: Leo’s Tacos Truck

This wasn’t my first choice.  But, after a friend had to parachute out of our Week One plans, I looked to one of LA’s mainstays for comfort.

Half of what makes Leo’s great is the ambiance. I mean, it was featured in an Insecure episode, after all.

Equipped with a scrolling marquee, crowd control stanchions, twin al pastor stations and a mobile toppings station, this bright truck greets enthusiasts each night at the corner of Venice and La Brea. You can find it in the parking lot adjacent to the 76 gas station.

Prices are reasonable.
Patrons are polite.
Pastor is tender and tasty.


The turnaround isn’t terrible, especially for those taco vets who fill their time by bagging up spicy onions and carrots. I grabbed three salsas, cilantro, limón and a few other necessities before my number was called.

I went with four different meats – al pastor, asada, carnitas and lengua – which, was actually my favorite. If a place has lengua, you try the lengua.


Although I still believe that all Leo’s are destined for great things (masterful artwork, Academy Awards, bicycle kicks), creating MCB’s favorite LA taco is not yet one of them.

Nonetheless, hats off to another excellent meal.


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