June 27: Sky’s Gourmet Tacos

The week after my return to greatness, I decided to invite a taccomplice.

My buddy PJ Butta (Angelenos may recognize him from their drive home) and I decided upon Sky’s Gourmet Tacos, an earshot from his studio.

Sky’s has an interesting setup. It’s colorful, modern-looking and plainly put — fun. Still, situated on Pico Blvd. in the outskirts of Mid-Wilshire (so, lower Mid?) you might miss it.

And while the decor is a little flashier than most taco spots, the food isn’t — a balanced blend of quality ingredients and tasty spices.


I went with the chicken, carnitas, steak and of course, scrimp [sic]. PJ, for the most part, followed my lead. Though, I might have left a little rounder, as he only took on three of these delicious golden Vitamin Ts.


My favorite was actually the pollo, followed by the scrimp.  The fillings were fresh, but a little Americana.  And, I typically like my tacos a mas cochinada.

That said, these are gourmet tacos we’re talking about.  So, as expected – the quality sauce and maciza were worth the price of admission.

While I can confidently say these are not my favorite LA tacos, I will be back.
Sky is the limit with this locale.  And, as such, I’m giving SGT:

taco_1f32etaco_1f32etaco_1f32e taco_1f32e

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