July 5: Antequera de Oaxaca

I came close to taking a timeout this week – in light of the holiday.  But, following a full day of celebration and consumption, I decided to go for a walk.

My destination?  A neighborhood Frida Kahlo mural (with a modern twist).

Little did I know the mural shared a wall with a local Oaxaqueno restaurant, Antequera. So, I did what any respectable fritanga fan would do.


The interior of this cafe was simple. Three employees. About six tables. One fridge full of traditional bebidas.

Four meats.
(Carne asada, pollo, spicy carnitas and Oaxacan sausage)

“I’ll take all four,” I said.  “And, an horchata.
“ALL four?” the cashier replied.
“Por favor,” I smiled.


The salsa and chips were garden fresh and crisp, respectively. And while the fillings were well prepared, the meat was a little dry.

Luckily, the salsita was a nice complement. The horchata, littered with walnuts and cantaloupe was refreshing and imaginative.


It all really came together.

That said, I’m in search of my favorite taco in LA – not my favorite cocina.

As such, I give the tacos:


And, the restaurant overall (chips, salsa, horchata, ambience and the nod to Diego Rivera):


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