This afternoon, I joined family in Riverside County for my cousin’s baby shower. I’ve adored her since we were kids, and am both proud and excited for the forthcoming, double blessing.

But, Daisy wasn’t the only one that left with a full belly that afternoon.

In addition to a few ice chests brimful of refreshments, the hosts wheeled in a fresh keg of Modelo Especial and a catered lunch.
Good tacos.

Like some of the region’s best taquerias, I had to wait for my chance at the serving station. I also decided to be a good son and grab a plate for my mom, who was somewhere in the festive fracas.

I went with pollo, carne asada and carnitas (doubled up on the carne). I also went heavy on the fillings, especially the chile, cebollitas and, what I thought was a hot sauce.

It wasn’t just hot sauce.
It was habanero sauce.
It was do-whatever-you-can-to-not-embarrass-yourself-while-you-flush-sweat-and-cry habanero sauce.

And I went all in on it.

Still, through all of the brow-wiping, toe-tapping and beer can-clenching, these were damn good tacos.

Some rice, horchata and a mustache shave later, I went back for seconds – sin the orange sauce.


Although they laughed at my condiment oversight and don’t technically fall into my LA search, I give this taquero:


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