July 11: Loqui

I could open this entry with a half-dozen dad jokes about the name of Culver City’s newest taco haven.  But, I won’t.

I’m here to talk about tacos, not try to land Netflix specials.

Joining me this week was the delightful Malia Probst, who helps keep the engines running at VRScout — a thriving, media company focused on virtual reality. It’s smart stuff.

As a colleague, I respect Malia’s tenacious, yet cordial, approach. As a friend, I admire her appreciation for tacos (see below).

Remember when I mentioned I lived in New York for the past several years? Well, Los Angeles has changed significantly since my departure. And Culver City, from what I can tell, remains a burgeoning area — earmarked by hip living spaces and shopping plazas.

Loqui fits perfectly into this evolution.
It’s small, simple and a bit hard to find (you may miss it a few times if you walk as swiftly as a former Manhattanite).
But, the food is fresh, reasonably priced, and assuredly uncomplicated.

What can I say? I make plenty of hard decisions everyday.
I dig simple menus.

Not surprisingly, I went with tacos — asada, pollo, carnitas and hongos (yes, mushrooms).
Coupled that lineup with an autentico Squirt, and I was feeling good.

Malia also ordered a few tacos, as well as guacamole and a Modelo.


My selections were beautiful and pretty tasty.
The mushrooms were a bit pronounced, but the overall flavor helped keep that spore volume low.

My favorite was the beef — messy, hearty and juicy.
Chicken was a close second. And again, I’m not historically a fan of chicken tacos. So that’s saying… something. 

Each of my overlapping trophies were a bit salty, in a good way.
Hey, I could have grabbed us water. But, nobody wants to step away during a grub groove.

All considered, I give this taco:


Probably not my favorite taco in LA (we’re just getting started), but I’ll definitely come back soon. And, who could ignore those sales nearby?

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