July 18: La Carmencita

I was unable to find a tacompadre this week.  But really — in taco hunting — much like life, tacos are all you need.

No shame in my game, I grabbed my sunglasses and ventured out to La Carmencita — a cool, Baja-style cafe in Hollywood.

You can’t miss the place. It’s bold, inviting and well-positioned on the corner of Lexington and Highland.


Despite it being taco time on a Tuesday, the place was relatively empty.  Even more interesting, the place offered a few bucks off each taco as a happy hour.

The discount, coupled with an interesting menu, led to a full order — Baja (fish taco), pork belly and short rib.


The presentation was fantastic — colorful and inviting, yet somehow subtle.


I’m a bit of a pork belly braggart, a short rib snob. The pork belly was accompanied by beans. The short rib was akin to carnitas.  Not bad, but nothing to crow about.

So, I did what any taco fan would do.
Try again.

I went for the marlin (tuna) on the second swing. Much better than the pedestrian variety, this tasty, two-per-order trencher helped make this a worthwhile stop after all.

Still, all-in, I give the Carmencitaco:


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