Every summer, tens of thousands of comic connoisseurs, sci-fi specialists and movie mavens flock to America’s finest city in search of sneak-peeks, selfies, souvenirs, and tacos.


Okay, I may be alone on the last one. And, as a nerd, I rarely head to San Diego expecting a stellar dining experience.  There’s simply too much going on.  And more often than not, whatever you can grab is the best thing going.

So, after meeting the Caped Crusader (who, by the way was especially cordial with the shadowy Oswald Cobblepot), I joined my buddy George on the streets of Gotham.


George was insistent on stopping by Rockin Baja Lobster.

I’d never been.
But, the wait was 10 minutes.
And, they had a chips and salsa bar.
Hulk smash.

Fast forward a few rounds of Cadillac margaritas (the pitcher was a steal), and I had my head buried in a trio of tacos.

Two carne asada, one carnitas.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not in a “my spider sense is tingling” kind of surprise.
However, this chain didn’t do so bad.
Tasty. Filling. Lasting.

RBL didn’t help me get any closer to my favorite LA taco. But, it was good enough to help keep me fighting crime and evading horrendous cosplay.

Plus, look at this classic:



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