July 25: Tacos El Primo (Culver City)

It may have happened.

A few short months into my search and I think I found it — mi taco favorito. 
I know what you’re thinking. And, heck no is this going to end my journey.

But, if I asked about my favorite taco to date, I’d say, “Yeah, sure. This one works.”

Tacos El Primo. A small, inanely modest spot just off of Venice Blvd.
You’ve passed the adjacent mural umpteenth times.
And, now you know.

Joining me this week was my old friend, Charlie Saxton. You probably recognize him from your TV or mobile devices. His latest project, Trollhunters actually afforded him his very own Funko Pop doll — which, in itself, is a lifetime achievement award.
Congrats, buddy.

Charlie was a bit mesmerized by the menu at first. Not the modesty, but the selection. Yes, this place even has pizza.


But, he quickly settled in with a chorizo burrito and chicken quesadilla.
I’d never hold his taco abstinence against him.

I went with a more tac-itional route.  Five, count ’em, five (smaller) tacos.

Asada. Carnitas. Lengua. Chorizo. Shrimp. Y con todo.
The gang’s all here. 

As I waited, I sipped on some of the best horchata I’ve had in a long time and watched some futbol.


Then, after some polite back-and-forth with the cocinero, I grabbed my plate and sat down.


I didn’t choose this taco life. This taco life chose me.

All of my selections were delicious. The carne asada was my favorite, but even the lengua was good.

Trick of the Taco Trade (TOTT): If a taqueria has lengua on the menu, start with that. If it’s good… it’s all good.

The meat was flavorful, tender and juicy. The salsa and lima were nice complements.
The horchata brought it all together. Grab both.

If you can get past the shaky signage (a combination of painted windows and paper banners), this place is a winner.

I’ll be back soon — if only to try more items from the menu.
Contaco me if you want to join!


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