August 1: El Taquero (Santa Ana)

In the heart of Santa Ana (often pronounced Santana), there is a series of taco trucks littered with locals on Tuesdays and weekend evenings.

This week, I ventured to this honeycomb with my friend George, an expert autograph authenticator. No, really. He can gauge the legitimacy of your prized collectibles just by looking at them.
And, he does this full-time. I know. 

Anyway, based on a recommendation, we stopped by El Taquero, a jazzy truck nestled away in the shadows of Main St.

It’s not especially sceney.
You won’t find fashionistas draped in bright colors or businessmen in Oxfords.
But, you will find aficiotacos. Lots of them.

And, rightfully so. It’s an authentic vibe at an honest price.

A number of patrons actually ordered burritos. So, there must be something there. Not for me.

Following George’s lead (and since he was sponsoring this visit), I ordered five tacos and a Fanta. Because, don’t you wanta?

I went with the lengua (remember, my litmus), carnitas, cabeza, asada and pastor. Although a bit small, these things were ravishing.

And, they were pretty good too. My favorite? The carne asada.

The meats could have used a bit more seasoning. But, they were tender and of good quality. The tortillas we’re flavorful and did an excellent job of keeping it together — you get it.

I went heavy on the cebolla and cilantro and sprinkled a healthy helping of salsa verde.
I coupled these five little trenchers with some orange drink and was a happy tacamper.

Our group ordered 13 tacos (the other taco twosome ordered carne asada and chicken – yawn), two pops and a side of friendly conversation — en Español, por supuesto.
All in, the cuenta was $17. Not bad.


This wasn’t my favorite taco. And, if we’re being honest, I don’t think it would qualify anyway. It’s bit outside of the LA halo.

But, the authentic ambiance, quality of meat, inviting presentation and affordable menu considered, I give El Taquero:


If you want to navigate this tacempire, let me know.
I’ll give you directions and a personal to-go order.
You deliver, right? 

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