Dame Otro: Garaje (San Francisco)

BONUS POST: I was on the road this week, so unable to tap into an LA taqueria.
I know. I’m sorry.

The silver lining is, I was able to sample one of San Francisco’s most popular taco spots. Garaje is a — you guessed it — garage-themed taco spot in South Park.

Look, I don’t know if it helps anyone to compare SF tacos to LA tacos. Manzanas a manzanas? 

I mean, we weren’t even in the Mission District.

But, It came highly recommended from a trusted and beloved local.
So, I went with my gut (literally) and approached it objectively.

After looking over the menu, I asked about the size of the tacos.
(Taco Tip: If you’re unsure, always take this precaution. Nobody likes to waste food — especially tacos.)

The cashier informed me that they were respectable and a couple should do the trick.
I ordered three.

I went with the carnitas, asada and seared wild ahi. The ahi is a frickin’ party animal.

These things were large and I had to power through the final few bites — especially with a Mexican Coke in tow.
Good bang for your peso.

The People’s Champion prevailed.
Taco justice was served.
And, before I took my victory lap — I gave these folded treats their due consideration.

My favorite was the carne asada.

It had a lot of heart. (Read: It was hearty.)
It had a lot of style. (Read: It was well-dressed.)
It had a lot of zing. (Read: It was tasty.)

The other two were good, but not the greatest of the great.
I actually think the ahi was a little too bundled up for the summer. (Read: There was too much going on.)


Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my selection, my company and my subsequent, short walk to the movies. The latter was especially appreciated due to my stretched stomach.

Although it doesn’t qualify for my favorite LA taco, I give Garaje:


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