BONUS POST: This is a quick one. But, I wanted to lift my gorra to the folks at Nopalito in San Francisco (9th Ave. location).

We stopped by en route to the lively Summer of Love exhibit at Golden Gate Park. It’s a snapshot of the adventurous and colorful counterculture that blossomed in San Francisco in the late 1960s.


What better way to fuel up for this kind of experience than with some quality, organic Mexican food?  So, fuel up we did.

I had the tacos de pescado al pastor.
And, knowing my stomach – a side of pozole. (Yes, a side.)


Everything was fresh and well-presented. The tacos+soup pairing proved to be an extremely flavorful duo. (INSERT STEPHEN CURRY+KEVIN DURANT REFERENCE HERE.) Good choice, Mike.


But, considering I only had the one taco type here, I cannot give a fair taco_1f32e rating.

Nonetheless, I plan to visit in the future, whether here or the Panhandle/Lower Haight location.

If you’re out that way for a concert, walk in the park, or photo op, I recommend you do the same.


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