AUGUST 15: Chiqui’s Tacos (MID-CITY)

Chiqui’s Tacos.

This wasn’t my first choice.

I didn’t really know much about this place, which sits in the 76 Station on the corner of Arlington and Washington. I passed it a few times on my way into or out of treacherous LA traffic.

Following another frenzy of brake lights, shoulder shrugs and unnecessary engine revving, I decided to sneak in for some decent eats. (Note: I didn’t sneak a paper-bag-wrapped tall boy like the 20-somethings behind me. But, I’ll never knock the hustle.)

Instead of raising my hands in expressive frustration, I raised four fingers and ordered. “Da me una de lengua, una de carne asada, una de chorizo y una de pastor. Para llevar.”

I was exhausted. And, while I recognized the photo fodder in front of me would have been better captured in the unnatural overhead lighting, I made my way home.
Hey, I caught the toppings for you.

Because, they were pretty.

In fact, the couple before me who ordered 24 tacos stuffed several bags full of cucumber, onions and spicy carrots.

Love knows no bounds.

The tacos were far from pieces of art. Small. Simple. But, polite.

I was able to spruce them up a bit. Remember the toppings?

Altogether, they were rather satisfying. This taquero passed the lengua test. I wouldn’t give him honors, but it was good. As were the others.


The salsas had a kick, but were savory. The big pieces of cebolla were nice additions.

All in, I give Chiqui’s Tacos:


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