I did Angeleno and Dodger fans right this week. You’re welcome.

Guisados (no. 2). Born in Boyle Heights, this Los Angeles staple is now serving up golden gems in Echo Park and Burbank.

Again, I’ll never knock the hustle.

It’s rare that a sequel is as good as the original. But, this location feels special.


Maybe it’s the Fernando Valenzuela mural a rawhide wrapped cork’s throw away.
(That’s a baseball metaphor.)

Maybe it’s the echoes of banda as cars whizz by.
(Or, the cocineros that try to carry on the tunes from the back, well after the base and treble have faded out.)

Maybe it’s the name.
(Is it a play on words?)

This week I was joined by my old pal Aaron Torres, a seasoned sports journalist who blends hard work with old-fashioned niceness.

20170822_183749Sometimes it’s okay to blend work and tacos.

Aaron and I both went with a sampler plate (six mini-tacos for $7.99). From bistec to hongos, I went with a strong assortment.

He had a few duplicates. Hey, to each their own!

Bite-size tacos may seem like a waste, but they made for a fun experience. You really do get a chance to sample the best of the best here.
Take your time. And, try not to fill up on horchata beforehand (rookie mistake from the veteran on this one).

My favorite, the mole poblano. It’s like a traditional mole plate, but more convenient!
My least favorite, the chorizo. Even that was pretty good.

I also added an adult-size fish taco – which, was as tasty as it was messy.

In summation:
Huge murals and inspiring hand paintings.
Dodger shout-outs.
Half-priced horchata refills.
Excellent tacos.


I give Guisados:


One thought on “AUGUST 22: GUISADOS (ECHO PARK)

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