August 29: Tacos Tu Madre (LARCHMONT)

Nobody wants Pinches Tacos (chuckles).
So, it’s no surprise that the Larchmont franchise didn’t survive.

One of Los Angeles’ hidden gems, the quaint neighborhood offers residents, tourists and Issa Rae a healthy mix of designer boutiques, quality cafes and sweet treat storefronts. It’s also the current home of yours truly.

In Pinches’ stead is a new, trendy walk-up/cafe hybrid named Tacos Tu Madre (TTM).
La tuya. 

And, while my mom’s tacos are slightly better, these were pretty damn good.


I ventured to the new spot with my roommate Trevor — a freelance producer who has worked with some of music’s greatest.

I call TTM a hybrid because you order from a sidewalk window. At the time, there was no latch to keep the screen ajar, but that only added to the novelty.

While the attendant muddled with the screen, I ordered the fried chicken, Chilean sea bass, ahi tuna and carne asada.

Inside, there’s a series of stools nestled underneath a long countertop. It’s a small space, but colorful and equally comfortable.

Trevor and I took over a few stools and sucked down our Jarritos over casual conversation. Our orders arrived a few minutes later.

Call them artisan, gourmet or whatever makes you sleep better, these things were decorative. They were also messy. But, that made them fun to eat.


Their flavor only added to my taco merriment.
Each was well seasoned and carefully put together.

My favorite was the ahi, followed by the sea bass. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a healthy helping of fried onions on top of folded fresh fish?

I likely ate too much. But, I’ll justify my overeating for the good of the blog and my favorite photo below. Plus, these weren’t especially cut-rate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I don’t feel strongly enough to crown this my favorite LA taco, I will give it:


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