SEPTEMBER 5: Taqueria Los Anaya (Mid-City)

A few weeks into my new job and things are busy. Not, sacrifice-all-your-extacorricular activities busy, but busy nonetheless.

When the going gets tough, the tough get tacos.
And rice and beans.

This week’s hunger took me to Taqueria Los Anaya, a small shop in the heart of the city.


This was a post-work solo mission, so I was able to really take in the atmosphere of this family-owned and run restaurant. (I heard several “Tio” references while I ate.)

An area staple since 1983 (long before I started my taco journey), Anaya offers much more than tacos. Still, I really enjoyed my visit and tasting.

Their taco combination plate offers three selections and since I couldn’t ignore the rice and beans, I stuck to the prescribed three.

I ordered the (litmus test) lengua, carne asada and pescado. I also added a tall glass of horchata. Good value.


All of the food was well-prepared and presented.

I started with the lengua. It was good, but I didn’t die for it.

Nobody panic.
In a bit of a taco twist, the other two meats came to the rescue. Coupled with some tasty chile, these were great. A bonus — the rice and beans were tasty. The chips were thick and crispy.

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I ate every last nibble and as a result, may or may not have fallen asleep on my trip home. #LAtraffic

While Anaya offers authentic tacos, reasonable prices and colorful ambience, it’s not my favorite LA taco. Still, I’m sure I’ll be back in the coming months.

All in, I give it:


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