September 12: Kayndaves (Culver City)

I’m admittedly unclear on how to spell the name of this week’s selection.
Kay’n Dave’s? Kay n’ Dave’s? Kayndaves?
I’ve seen it listed several ways. So mysterious!


Still, despite a few asterisk and “sp.” laden texts, I was able to find this Culver City mainstay.

Fellow sports PR whiz Seth B. — current communications compa at Los Angeles’ newest football club — joined me in Downtown Culver.
(That’s futbol, buey.)

It had been some time since we caught up.
What better platform than tacos? AMIRITE?!?!

That said, Seth ordered a burrito and nachos.
Heck. I’m never one to judge. And on rare occasion, a rolled tortilla can be just as satisfying as a folded one.
What a time to be alive. 


Our server seemed disappointed that we just missed happy hour.
Because, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. 

Not surprisingly, I already planned to splurge and order a few full-size tacos. I went with the chicken mole, carne asada and baja pescado (“fish”).

Don’t be upset.
But, I broke Rule No. 1 and threw a Tecate in the mix.
Rationale: It was a long day and I wanted to take advantage of the late-night menu discounts somewhere.

On the heels of a half-basket of chips and salsa, I wasn’t especially hungry.
But, I powered through.
I did it for you. Each and every single one of you.

While the mole was pretty tasty, I think a soft taco would have been more becoming. The carne asada and fish tacos were fine, but nothing to IG Story about. In fact, the overall experience was a little whelming.

I would definitely like to give this venue another shot. But, first…

Perhaps I’ll come back to sample their street tacos lineup once I’ve crowned my favorite elsewhere.








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