DAME OTRA: El Luchador (Wall Street)

This week, I found myself back in Manhattan — for work, friends and of course, tacos.

I made plans to visit an old favorite well ahead of wheels up.

But, because I am obsessed with Mexican wrestling, Airstream RVs and corn or wheat tortillas folded or rolled around respective fillings, I made an unexpected visit to El Luchador in the Seaport/Wall Street area.

I mean it. This place was a bit of a surprise.
I saw it on the way in.


The branding and novelty drew me in. An aspiring model — and her cell-phone-toting photographer who thought this was an excellent place for an impromptu shoot — kept me there.

Tacos, like most delicacies, are only enhanced by such productions.
(Note: I would have stayed there either way.)
(Update: The chef just shooed them away.)

Keeping things light, I ordered two tacos — pollo asado and short ribs.
I really, really, really, really wanted some elote.
But, this is about tacos, dammit.


Heeding the roar of the crowd (Read: recommendations of the cashier), I brought some spice to the ring. A splash of jabanero sauce for a little drama.

The tacos were satisfying. Much like Gory Guerrero, they were tender, stouthearted and full of flavor.

While daydreams of mind-blowing luchador moves may have taken over, I had fun with these folded fighters.

Not my favorite NYC tacos, but worth a visit if you’re ever down the island.
Bring your photo-loving friends.


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