It’s back to business after my soiree in New York.
Well, technically my trip to the other coast was for work.

It wasn’t for tacos.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s back to the search for my favorite LA taco.

This week I went to El Taco Toro.
Their admirably modest setup.
Their alluring aroma.
Their tasty fixings and tender cuts.
Were nowhere to be found. 😞

Lucky for me, El Abajeno was a stone’s throw away. Walking distance, even. So, like a Californian, I got back in my car and made my way over.


Fortunately, I was rolling solo and wasn’t beholden to anyone else’s schedule. Just taco time. Just taco time.

While Abajeno is clearly marked, you could easily miss it.
It shares an entrance and a wall with a mercado.
Phone cards. Trucker hats. Cigarros. You name it.


Abajeno has a fun layout:
Order at the counter.
Watch the cocineros grab, wrap and bag your selections.
Admire the autographed photos on the wall.
Hey, it means something when Baron Davis and Anthony Barr literally sign off on a place.

Once I figured out the menu (they only had two types of tacos listed), I ordered the carne asada, carnitas, pollo and pescado.

As you can see, three would have been plenty. These things are huge. But, as always, for the sake of the blog.

The carnitas was by far my favorite. Though, each featured quality, tasty ingredients.


Each came with a handful of tasty chips. And, when you do chips you do salsa. And when you do salsa, you do horchata.

Twenty minutes in and out. I rolled out the door fat and happy.