This week I gathered up some spare change and ventured to Petty Cash, a semi-authentic taqueria in West Hollywood. Semi-authentic, that’s what the management calls it.

I heard about this place from a few readers. (Read: My cousin asked me if I had tried it.)

They weren’t lauding the venue’s parking. Anyone that frequents WeHo knows parking isn’t the area’s most admirable feature.

So. Like a rookie, I bypassed valet, cruised a few neighborhood streets and squinted at confusing and oppressing signage.

My cousin did highlight Cash’s creative menu and compelling Instagram fodder. I’ve admired the front wall a few times since my return to SoCal.

So, yeah. I decided to sample the joint and learn more about its namesake (a creative crossover of Tom Petty and Johnny Cash) in preparation.

Joining me at Petty Cash was Alicia Jessop, a lawyer, journalist, professor and all-star entrepreneur. Alicia was eager to help a friend on his search for his favorite taco.

Chef Walkter Manzke has done a good job with this ever-changing menu. And, our helpful barkeep was quick to make a few recommendations.

We shared the dorados – a plentiful mix of potato, avocado, cotija and pickled red onion rolled up and tucked into little taquitos.

This came after a near-full basket of chips. (BELCH.) But, those salsas were a fantastic mix of savory, spicy and sweet.

Still, I sucked it up and ordered the al pastor, skirt steak carne asada and (Negra Modelo beer-battered) baja fish tacos. Unfortunately, they were all out of the pork belly.

Alicia’s menu was quite similar.
Great minds think alike.

It’s obvious the line cooks pay special attention to the preparation and presentation of each taco. Each was pretty and pretty tasty.

You can taste the quality of the handmade tortillas – even the blue ones.

While I’m a huge fan of Negra Modelo (taco derivative pictured below), the carne asada taco was my favorite. The cut was excellent for a taco!


It’s not my favorite taco in the city, but I would like to come back and sample the next iteration of the menu.


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