Starters (About)

After living in New York for three years, I’ve returned to the old country.
Mi motherland.
A hotbed.
Of quality tacos.

And, while I found a few spots in Manhattan to hold me over (shout out to Phil Barraza and Taqueria St. Marks), I never really found a “favorite.”

Now, with some of the world’s greatest nutriment at my disposal, I’ve taken search for just that — mi taco favorito de Los Angeles.

Each week, I’ll venture to a new location – some big, some small, some new, some old – in search of that tasty treasure.


In order to maintain the integrity of my search, I’m implementing a few rules:

Rule no. 1: Sin alcohol.
I want to ensure I am of the right mind when trying these savory entrees.

Rule no. 2: Order todo.
No two menus offer the same fillings or toppings.  In an effort to give each location a fair assessment, I will order as many taco types as possible.

Rule no. 3: Observe rango.
I will rank my favorite taco from each spot – based on a five taco ranking system.
taco_1f32e= How did I get here?
taco_1f32etaco_1f32e = Are they having a bad night?
taco_1f32etaco_1f32etaco_1f32e = I can dig it.
taco_1f32etaco_1f32etaco_1f32etaco_1f32e= I’ll definitely be back.
taco_1f32etaco_1f32etaco_1f32etaco_1f32etaco_1f32e = I may never leave.

So, let’s hit those counters, cafes and carts! Thank you again for joining me on this tasty journey.

— MCB, Chief Taco Officer