August 1: El Taquero (Santa Ana)

In the heart of Santa Ana (often pronounced Santana), there is a series of taco trucks littered with locals on Tuesdays and weekend evenings. This week, I ventured to this honeycomb with my friend George, an expert autograph authenticator. No, really. He can gauge the legitimacy of your prized collectibles just by looking at them. […]

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July 18: La Carmencita

I was unable to find a tacompadre this week.  But really — in taco hunting — much like life, tacos are all you need. No shame in my game, I grabbed my sunglasses and ventured out to La Carmencita — a cool, Baja-style cafe in Hollywood. You can’t miss the place. It’s bold, inviting and well-positioned […]

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July 11: Loqui

I could open this entry with a half-dozen dad jokes about the name of Culver City’s newest taco haven.  But, I won’t. I’m here to talk about tacos, not try to land Netflix specials. Joining me this week was the delightful Malia Probst, who helps keep the engines running at VRScout — a thriving, media […]

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BONUS POST: This afternoon, I joined family in Riverside County for my cousin’s baby shower. I’ve adored her since we were kids, and am both proud and excited for the forthcoming, double blessing. But, Daisy wasn’t the only one that left with a full belly that afternoon. In addition to a few ice chests brimful […]